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Pricing assets at scale

We support the growth and adoption of the most groundbreaking technologies in the digital asset space. With the vision of creating fairer, more efficient capital markets, we deploy proprietary and highly scalable market making technologies.

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Market Making

We actively deploy and operate proprietary, market-neutral and highly scalable market making technologies across all the major (de)centralized exchanges.

Trade Execution

By leveraging our programmatic execution technology, we offer our partners maximum value at minimum impact.


Through our OTC desk we offer financial accessibility to the majority of vetted digital asset spot markets.

Venture Capital

By investing in projects and founders that are building new ways to digitalize assets, we want to build an ecosystem that facilitates the adoption of tokenized economies.

Growing at a rapid pace. Both in numbers and in knowledge.

With data excellence and scalability at our core, we have become a leading global liquidity partner in the digital asset industry.

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How we work

Excellence through collaboration

  • We work towards deeply understanding our partner's technology and vision. We invest our time, knowledge and liquidity technologies to help them achieve their goals with a long term scope in mind.
  • Excellence is a teamwork concept. We expect our partners to become market movers and have the ambition to work with top tier players.
  • We expect our partners to understand their differentiation factors in the market and embrace DLT and tokenization technologies at their core.
  • Liquidity is a concept transcending the sole results of trading and market making. We are there to help you with any liquidity concepts you might need to succeed with rolling-out your technology and/or services.

Backed by renowned investors and industry experts

Global reach and impact

Originally established in the capital of Europe. Now operating fully decentralized in a digital world.

Central hub

Brussels, Belgium