World Experts in Digital Asset Market Making and Liquidity Services

Keyrock combines in-house algorithmic trading bots, high frequency trading infrastructure and industry expertise to supply market making and liquidity services to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
We aim at building a more efficient, stable and accessible market.


We build markets, following four principles,

Building scalable technology: Making every infrastructure system, API connection, and algorithm logic in such a way that it is fully scalable to run on any exchange or liquidity landscape.

Our in-house algorithmic trading bots and infrastructure have been designed with the idea of the democratization of market liquidity building.

Act morally: We do not create fake volume or work under a price target system. We focus on building a market responsibly.

Transparent and abundant data: Due to the nature of our systems (algorithms), we see data not only as our decision making tool but also as the product that our customer use to understand our service and keep track of their markets.

Risk management: We give the same level of importance to our execution systems as much as we do to our risk management systems.

In its most primal form, the job of a market is to allow an easy exchange of value. However, its real power resides in the capacity to create confidence, engage a community and allow each and every individual to participate in a vision.

The digital asset revolution brings an additional component to the markets, i.e. the capacity to build new business models and to align the incentives of multiple stakeholders around a token economics architecture. This in itself creates major opportunities.

However, the digital asset market is facing many hurdles including increasing complexity and the growth pains of a young market such as a lack of technological standards, financial infrastructure, trusted providers and most importantly frictionless technology. As a consequence, and contrary to popular belief, exchanging digital assets is currently more expensive than exchanging stocks or commodities. This is due in part to the costs associated with the use of these new technologies but mainly it can be attributed to the market inefficiencies.

We build markets because we understand the value our customers can enjoy from having an efficient market and can tackle the complexities around it.

We strongly believe that this new infrastructure currently supporting the digital asset market will prove itself as a better solution for the financial world. As we see it the digital asset market is a playground for the creation of a more transparent, efficient and engaging way to manage financial markets and once the technology is strong enough it will have the capacity to power the entirety of asset classes.

Keyrock plays a fundamental role in this matter. As the leading European market maker in the digital asset industry, we are responsible for building the correct future for a major part of the infrastructure.

Ultimately, we expect our effort to be a pillar to the construction of a much better capital market and the democratization of market making.

Currently operating on the following exchanges

ICO / ITO Market Making

We are your private market maker.

We are your secondary market partner to support and guide you through all the complexity around the digital asset industry.

Keyrock technology is integrated with the major cryptocurrency exchanges and provides you with a holistic solution for your liquidity needs in the digital asset space. No matter how many markets or exchanges you want to operate the Keyrock scalable technology can support you and grow with your needs.

Our main focus is:

1) Operating 24/7 in the market, making sure you have a liquid and healthy ecosystem.

2) Providing you with transparent data for you to follow the operations and the general health of your market.

3) Being your advisor and supporting you on exchange listing and tailor-made developments according to your token economics.

Exchange systems

We strive on building long-term relationships with the industry leaders in digital asset exchange and brokerage.

At Keyrock we develop tailor solutions for full management of the liquidity of your exchange. We have helped exchanges from the first day of operation until successful market adoption.

Our systems strengths rely on:

1) The scalability and our capacity to operate in multiple markets in a short period of time

2) Our monitoring systems are capable of providing you with insights about the performance of your API and markets.

3) The modularity of our technology allow you to build tailor made solutions to your needs.

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