The most trusted liquidity company in the digital asset industry


We are both idealistic and practical. We believe that creating excellent outcomes requires iteration independence and setting up ambitious goals towards a common vision.

Our strength comes from our consistent way of dealing with situations, the excellence of our team and the broad network that we have built in the industry.

Keyrock is a holacratic meritocracy organization in which we value independent thinking, team collaboration, flexible work, and human technology.

Keyrock Values


Providing 24/7 access to liquidity while continuing to open new trading pairs.


Working closely with exchanges and token issuers to build competitive strategies.


No money laundering, no market manipulation, full KYC and AML compliance.

The Keyrock Team

Juan David Mendieta


Jeremy De Groodt


Kevin de Patoul


Stef Wynendaele

Head of Growth

Steave Njinwoua

Infrastructure Development

Robin Duque

Algorithmic Development

Jose Fresco

Infrastructure Development

Nyeem M.

Infrastructure Development

Marc Enriquez

Algorithmic Development

Marlon Montgomery vom Bruch

Business Development

Filippo Piccardi

Infrastructure Development

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Advisory board

Frank Manne

Managing Partner @ Volta ventures

Mike Huys

Global Head of Brokerage and Lending @ KBC Securities