- Our vision -

Building the market for distributed ledger assets, making it efficient and accessible.

Keyrock Values


Providing 24/7 access to liquidity while continuing to open new trading pairs.


Working closely with exchanges and token issuers to build competitive strategies.


No money laundering, no market manipulation, full KYC and AML compliance.

The Keyrock Team

Juan David Mendieta


Juan David is a social and serial entrepreneur, passionate about disruptive innovation.

Jeremy De Groodt


Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur that has 10 years of development experience, our blockchain master.

Kevin de Patoul


After its Master degree in finance, Kevin accumulated 4 years experience in Tier-1 strategy consulting at Roland Berger.

Nicolas Vereecke

Head of Algorithmic Development

Full stack software developer, complex problem-solving, former BNP Paribas Fortis , Vlerick Business School

Steave Njinwoua

Back-End Developer

Steave is a developer passionate about algorithmic and complex problems.

Robin Duque

Head of Market Making

Robin is an experience Software developer, In the past he worked as CTO of a gene sequencing company

Jonathan Deloof

Market Analyst

Passionate about the topic, Jonathan is currently writing a thesis about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Nyeem M.

Back-End Developer

Nyeem is Javascript a back-end developer experienced in blockchain and trading.

Filippo Piccardi

Back-End Developer - Algorithmic trading

Filippo is Node.js developer passionate about cryptocurrencies and finance.

Marlon Montgomery VB

Market Analyst -Trader

Marlon is an expert trader and early adopter in the cryptocurrency industry.

Consult the offers

We are recruiting !

Do you want to be part of the Keyrock team? Do not hesitate and contact us


Gary Lambert

Senior Consultant, London Stock Exchange

It was really interesting and fun getting to know the Keyrock team. We had to rethink how the world of finance and how investments work. Keyrock is the outcome of hard research and innovation.

Gonzalo Ferradás

Founder & CEO at Invicta, Investor & Advisor

The Decentralized Liquidity Network will be a game-changer adding liquidity, reducing costs and lessening arbitrage.

Michael Humblet

ISO Advisor, The Sales acceleration show and Founder, Chaomatic

I help the team connect with exchanges and negotiate the best deal for us and all the Keyrock Investors.

Jo Vercammen

Co-founder, Juru & Co-founder, Orillia

A great idea, a diverse and experienced team, combined with a first-to-market opportunity!
Keyrock has the potential to make the equation 1 + 1 = 3 work.

Dimitri Verhelst

Co-founder, Juru & Owner, ClubIT

As the crypto market expands, there is definitely room for a market maker. I'm convinced Keyrock has a good market approach, and a competent team to make it happen.

Jobs at Keyrock

Our business is in constant development. We are therefore looking for future-oriented professionals with passion for innovation, who believe in the power of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the digital asset revolution.

Senior Finance Specialist

– Trading experience
– Expert at capital markets
– Strong mathematical background

Senior Back-End Developer

– Node.JS, MongoDB, Websockets
– Orderbooks and trading
– Be a rockstar

Algorithmic Trading Dev

– Advanced skills in node.JS, Javascript
– Trading strategies
– API management