Strong Liquidity for Your ICO Token Between all Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Keyrock will manage the liquidity of your token, kick-start trading on new exchanges and ensure a fairer price for your community. Profits generated from the activity will be distributed to you.

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Impact of Liquidity for Your Token

Increase network effect

Be active in more exchanges

Stabilize token market cap

Attract more traders

Attract institutional investors

Get a revenue stream

Keyrock Liquidity Service

We are your private market maker.

We first set up a liquidity pool, where you or external participants can contribute in BTC, ETH and your token.

Then, thanks to Keyrock’s infrastructure and algorithmic trading bots, we help you manage and enhance the liquidity of your token.

This includes giving you a daily follow-up on what is happening to your token, market insights about your liquidity and the general impact of our service.

As a result, you obtain the desired liquidity for you token, strengthen your community, create a return on investment and have a proper follow-up of your secondary market.

Learn More About Tailor-made Liquidity for Your ICO.

Our ICO Liquidity Service is the head start you need to boost your token launch with increased liquidity, giving you an engaged and healthy community.

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