The smart way to hold your cryptos

We Provide An Opportunity For Investors To Earn Revenue By Building A Better Crypto Market

The Liquidity Network will provide investors a daily passive income by supplying their crypto assets for liquidity, which will enable market making services on multiple crypto exchanges.

A Young Growing Market In Need Of Efficiency And Good Practices

Due to the decentralized nature of crypto assets, they tend to be traded on a multitude of exchanges which fragments liquidity.

This poses several challenges for the crypto exchange ecosystem, such as arbitrage, market manipulation, an inability to fulfill large trades, and an inability to trade a great variety of cryptocurrencies on one single exchange.

Billion $ of market capitalization
102 +
Billion $ Monthly trading volume
Active Crypto-Asset Exchanges
1200 +
# of crypto-assets with daily trading in exchanges

Profit while helping to create an efficient Crypto Ecosystem

Market makers are actors who hold and trade large quantities of a given asset on an exchange.

Trades facilitated by market makers help maintain an asset’s price, prevent market manipulation by arbitrage, provide opportunity for large trades and ultimately create a more competitive and healthier market.

By joining the Liquidity Network, you will actively participate in the construction of tomorrow’s economy, all while generating a profit. 

The Security Of Your Crypto-Assets Is Our Priority

Keeping your crypto-assets safe is a challenge. Should you store them in a paper wallet? A file in your computer? At one of the exchanges? Or in a digital wallet? Every method has its pros and cons.

At Keyrock we work hard to provide you not only with an encrypted secure way to handle all payments and transactions, but to also mitigate your investment risk by keeping assets in constant movement across a multitude of exchanges.

This allows you to benefit from a higher market maker ROI at maximum security.

Join a global community of first class investors (Invitation-only).

Investors will enjoy several benefits that include access to the insights gathered by our team and in-depth knowledge about new investment opportunities for their cryptocurrencies.

Stay up to date with the rapidly changing cryptomarket

The future of finance will be dominated by blockchain technologies. What future opportunities and risks could arise for your organization due to blockchain? Develop your answer and response with us.