Market Making

We build the financial foundation for ambitious and ground-breaking projects to thrive on. We create fairer, more efficient markets by improving their liquidity and helping our partners navigate the rapidly evolving secondary markets.

We actively deploy and operate proprietary, market-neutral and highly scalable market making technologies across all the major (de)centralized exchanges and work continuously on adapting them to technological innovation at scale.

What we do

We adapt our liquidity solution to the maturity of your markets and lifecycle in order to support your growth.

We price assets 24/7 at its most competitive and fair value resulting in great spreads and deep liquidity.

We trade across all key leading markets (both centralized and decentralized) and continuously adapt our technologies to new secondary market trends.

A vast array of trading insights and statistics are available at your demand.

We build out bespoke trading services and order book compositions for your liquidity needs.

Market neutrality and risk management are at the core of everything we do.