Market Making

Improving your liquidity with market-making solutions contributes to creating a fairer market for your digital assets. Offsetting the risk of price volatility on centralized and decentralized markets requires not only top-notch technologies but also expert analysis to better adapt to market movements.

As a leading crypto market maker, we offer our partners efficient liquidity solutions backed by robust financial technology. Our trading tools are proprietary, market-neutral, and highly scalable and are deployed across all the major (de)centralized exchanges.

How we can help

Get access to a liquidity solution tailored to the maturity of your markets and lifecycle to support your growth.

Secure competitive and fair value pricing 24/7 driven by great spreads and deep liquidity.

Availability in all the major marketplaces, both centralized and decentralized.

Receive a wide range of trading insights and statistics available on demand.

Customized order book composition tailored to your liquidity requirements.

Market neutrality and risk management are at the core of everything we do.