Trade Execution

We offer institutions, qualified individuals, OTC desks and brokers fair and financial accessibility to the majority of vetted digital asset spot markets at scale. Thanks to our accessibility across most major exchanges and a variety of trade executions services, from programmatic execution technologies to voice OTC, we thrive at offering our partners maximum value at minimum impact.

What we do

We provide you automated pricing feeds through our RFQ system

Whichever position you want to take, we guarantee competitive pricing across time and size with the use of optimal execution algorithms.

Bespoke trades via voice/slack OTC support

Risk management and compliance is at the core of any engagement or relation we have.

Fast settlement stands at the highest of our ambitions thanks to our tier one global banking and FX partners (EUR, USD, JPY amongst others).

Any vetted digital asset, any size. Both in DeFi and CeFi ecosystems.