May 15, 2023

Keyrock expands to Asia

As we continue to see growth and regulatory clarity in the crypto industry, we’re excited to announce our expansion into Asia as a crypto market maker and crypto OTC trading provider. Our recent hiring in Hong Kong and Singapore is just the beginning of our plans to establish ourselves as a leading player in the region.

New Horizons

We strongly believe that the current re-emergence of regulatory clarity and continued activity of development in the region presents a major opportunity for us to be an active participant and service provider in the crypto market. This is why we’ve decided to set up a remote first commercial team based out of Hong Kong and Singapore. While we won’t have a true office base in the region just yet, we’ll be exploring the possibility of setting up an entity there in the future.

In addition to Latin America, Asia’s growth in the crypto market is incredibly impressive, and we’re privileged to witness the collaboration and clarity that governments and regulators are giving to the industry. This has inspired us to expand our crypto market maker and crypto OTC trading services, and we’re excited to explore the region this month.



To kickstart our expansion, Keyrock team members will be visiting Hong Kong in late May to meet the burgeoning team. We’re excited to be a part of the growing crypto market in Asia and look forward to serving our partners with our expertise in crypto market making and crypto OTC trading.