Options Desk

Trade crypto options through our options desk, which is designed to suit your needs and match any investment strategy. Our wide coverage grants investors and institutions exposure to an inclusive list of digital assets, from 20+ standardized tokens to exotics on demand. 

Our dedicated options desk provides our partners with flexible solutions for precise outcomes, such as hedging, treasury management,  yield enhancement, payoff diversification, and leveraged speculation.

How we can help

Get access to a wide range of crypto options, from the top 20+ tokens by market cap to exotics on demand.

Set bespoke strikes and maturities for put and call options to meet your payoff expectations.

Configure options structures to suit your needs with flexible solutions to achieve hedging, payoff diversification, and leveraged speculation.

Rely on our support via your preferred communication channel: Phone, Telegram, Slack, or Email.

Achieve fast settlements thanks to our tier-one global banking and FX partners.